BOT Wars whitepaper

Evolution of Bots Blog - Robot Hand on Keyboard

How future AI powered BOTs will work against each other to mimic human behaviour

Bots are a particularly versatile threat, in that they can be as sophisticated as their designer or programmer intends and can be tailored for certain attacks.

The latest advance in this threat has seen the rise of ‘parasitic’ bots or Botnets, which are capable of mimicking human behavior on web pages. This raises the question: In an increasingly online, faceless and interactionally rich environment – fraught with risk – how do we assert identity and protect ourselves from such advanced attacks?

In this whitepaper, we outline:

  • The threat posed by malicious bots
  • How they have matured and evolved with time
  • What steps can be taken to mitigate or neuter the damage they are capable of inflicting.