Using AI & machine learning to deliver robust authentication judgements

"All rise, the Court of Authentication is now in session"

When: On Demand
Where: Online

The court of authentication works in very much the same way to a criminal trial. Evidence that the user is who they say they are is gathered and presented to an impartial judge who assesses the evidence and decides the request’s fate.

In this webinar Rob Campbell (Industry & Product Marketing Manager) & Ramon Fuentes (Lead Research Scientist) will take you through our IDA platform, showing how we collect evidence from a wide variety of sources, ranging from behavioral biometrics to contextual insights.

We'll also show how specialist advice on interpreting this evidence is given by machine learning models, which have become experts in their field by exposure to large data sets. And finally, how we assess the advice in its totality (through a process called fusion), to come up with an informed decision, and robust final judgement.

Throughout the whole webinar, we'll also be highlighting why this process not only ensures fraud reduction but how it also improves user experience.

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