Whitepaper: Keystroke Dynamics

Figure 1 - keystrokes paper

Using behavioral biometrics to provide an extra layer of security to traditional password based authentication.

Many modern digital services rely on safety and security, yet password-based authentication - the most prominent method for securing these services, has proven to be a flawed, knowledge-based authentication factor. Credentials are easily stolen, hacked or forgotten.

At Callsign, we believe the aforementioned issues a can be addressed by adding a layer of biometrics to password based authentication journeys. By applying state-of the-art machine learning techniques to behavioral data, any authentication mechanism can be enhanced. Notably the way an individual interacts with keyboards is governed by their characteristic typing behavior, making people distinguishable. By using keyboards as a means of collecting behavioral information, we are able to transform single-factor password-based authentication into a two-factor authentication.

This whitepaper outlines the architecture of the model, which makes use of AI and a range of sophisticated mobile behavioral data to verify the authenticity of a user when using knowledge-based authentication.