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Beyond SCA, the forgotten advantages of PSD2

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Many banks have been preparing for September 2019 by making sure they have appropriate authenticators in place to enact Strong  Customer Authentication (SCA). Given the number of recent regulatory changes, there's a danger this could become another tick-box exercise. 

However, PSD2 presents a real opportunity to increase customer trust and experience.

In this webinar we will examine PSD2 beyond SCA and how banks can differentiate by focusing on exemptions & policy management to improve their customers’ experience & most importantly - trust.

In this webinar we'll look at:


SCA Exemptions

The elephant in the room. Discover how to ensure that your customers have safe transactions with context specific identification actions. 


Customer Journeys

Don't get caught out. A key factor of implementing PSD2 is defining specific authentication journeys for open banking requests and being able to prove that consent was given by the customer. 


Digital Isolation

With 23 per cent of people aged between 55-75 not owning a smartphone, how can you ensure that your approach to PSD2 meets the needs of all your customers?