Callsign Webinar:

How to improve security without impacting your customers

Date: Tuesday 04 June 2019
Time: 1000 - 1030EST

(Our webinars are only 30minutes because we know your time is precious)

More often than not, authentication journeys are clunky with security and user experience being sub-optimal. Traditional methods tend to add friction, and whilst some are seen as strong, in reality they are brittle, as already compromised accounts offer little resilience.

This Callsign webinar will show that adding an additional layer of behavioral biometrics to authentication journeys can significantly improve security and experience at the same time, enabling your users to get on safely and securely.

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It's no secret that traditional single factor authentication methods aren't that secure. And whilst biometrics help reduce the risk, they don't add the same level of security that behavioral brings over time. 

Improving Customer Journeys

Swipe helps move away from clunky, traditional authentication methods that not only add friction to the customer journey, but aren't that secure in the first place.  

Understanding Behavioral Analytics

By analyzing a multitude of data points around a user's swipe such as movement and wrist strength, we can but up a unique picture of the user. Meaning your users can get on with their banking and the bad guys are stopped in their tracks.